Peter Conteduca

Vice President of Sales and Customer Marketing 
Central and Eastern Canada
Peter joined the CHS team in late 2016 and brings over 25 years of clinical, medical sales, marketing & business innovation to the team. A Respiratory Therapist by training, Peter began his career as a Toronto based Registered Respiratory Therapist, moving into clinical training and eventually hospital departmental leadership at The Mississauga Hospital. Supported by his clinical and leadership base of experience, Peter then moved into hospital sales, sales leadership and eventually marketing in various medical companies like VitalAire, Abbott & Baxter specializing in Respiratory, Anaesthesia, Medication Delivery & Renal Dialysis. As a current member of the Hospital Supply Chain Network (HSCN), Peter has served on various local healthcare related committees & boards over the years, the most recent of which is the Milton District Hospital Foundation, where he has just begun his first year of a 3-year term as a Director. At CHS, Peter is currently Vice President, Marketing.

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