John Matthews

Vice President, Sales
John joins CHS from Microport Orthopedics (formerly Wright Medical Technology), first joining them in 2004. From 2015 onward, he held the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing for North America. Prior to that he was Vice President of Global Marketing where he assisted in the divestiture of a global business segment, and the resulting restructuring and launch of a new global orthopaedic company based out of Tennessee. In that role he also created the company’s first global strategic marketing and research and development plan, integrating Canadian, European, Japanese and Chinese markets. Prior to that role, John was the General Manager for Wright Medical Technology Canada Ltd. John’s focussed leadership style stems from the first 8 years of his career as a sales representative and Distributor in Canada with DePuy Johnson & Johnson. John has a Bachelor of Physical Education from McMaster University and a Bachelor of Science, Biological Sciences from University of Guelph.

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