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ASTRA TEE Transesophageal Probe Reprocessor


The ASTRA TEE Transesophageal Probe Reprocessor is disinfection and compliance made easy.

The ASTRA TEE uses Cidex OPA (every 2 weeks) or Revital-Ox RESERT (every 3 weeks) - Metricide OPA is not approved for sales in Canada - and gets up to 250 cycles per bottle. Special connectors make the bottle easy to install. ASTRA is fully enclosed with built-in vapor control. Close the door, and you don’t have to open it again for up to two weeks.

Product features:

  • No Glutaraldehyde
  • No pouring
  • No splashes or spills

The ASTRA tracks the disinfectant’s 14 day reuse date and even gives you 24 hours’ notice of when to change the bottle. It will not allow you to use the disinfectant beyond the 14 day reuse date.

ASTRA is also the only automated probe disinfection system with a bar code reader, eliminating manual entry and allowing for accurate and easy data collection. 

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