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Peripheral Nerve Block Trays


MED-RX custom PNB trays offer a variety of prep, needle and wet components to fit your specific practice and procedure needs during a time sensitive and sterile procedure.


Universal features of custom MED-RX Peripheral Nerve Block trays:

  • Allow for consistent technique, while promoting compliance with hospital protocols and practice guidelines
  • Increases procedural efficiency by eliminating the need to search for additional components, ultimately increasing patient care time
  • Eliminates waste and extra unused individual components
  • Increases efficiency by packaging components in order of use


Med-Rx PNB trays may include;

  • Needle options
  • Probe covers
  • Drape options
  • Needle safety devices
  • Prep solutions
  • Lidocaine


The Med-Rx anesthesia tray offerings provides clinicians with the unique ability to construct a tray that fits their facilities practice and procedures. We have a wide variety of premium components that provides the clinicians with some of the most recognizable brands in the world when choosing needles, syringes, preps, drapes, catheters and other important aspects of the procedure.

  • As a Canadian market leader in regional anesthesia products, Med-Rx custom anesthesia trays are made to your anesthesia department’s specifications, ultimately increasing procedural efficiency, promoting improved technique, reducing costs and eliminating the waste of unused components
  • MED-RX anesthesia trays offer the unique option of including local anesthetic drugs, skin prep and other wet components
  • With Canadian manufacturing capabilities, MED-RX is able to control all aspects of tray production including in country inventory levels, shipping to meet customer needs, supplier selection and quality control
  • Sequential packaging options allow the clinician to progress efficiently through procedures while maintaining proper technique
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