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Biopsy Kits and Trays


MED-RX Biopsy Kits and Trays can help you improve procedural efficiency and standardization.

With MED-RX you can:

  • Reduce procedure set-up time for demanding department schedules
  • Save staff time so the focus of your clinician can be on the patient
  • Promote standardized procedures by customizing to your practice
  • Simplify sterile technique by opening fewer items and reduce package waste
  • Eliminate instances of missing procedural components and the waste of extra, unused items
  • Optimize inventory space and accuracy


MED-RX Biopsy Kits and Trays include a wide variety of components to suit your needs.


  • Three- or Four-compartment trays
  • Peel pouch
  • Lidded trays

Forcep Options:

  • Plastic, Metal, Stainless Steel


  • Cotton or Rayon, available in all sizes

Procedure Components:

  • Lidocaine
  • Scalpel
  • CHG Applicator
  • PVP Foam prep stick
  • Selection of fenestrated drapes
  • Probe cover with or without gel
  • Towel/Underpad 
  • Adhesive bandage
  • Specimen container

About MED-RX

MED-RX has been a trusted name in Canadian Healthcare for more than 20 years. Now, the brand you know offers convenient, single-use instruments with proven quality and reliable performance.

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