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GumDrop Pacifier


GumDrop pacifiers from Natus are safe, soft-topped pacifiers that have been designed to fit baby’s face – even in the face of tubes and cannulas. And it’s perfect for side-lying. What’s more, GumDrop rests comfortably against your baby’s delicate skin, offering a silicon-covered, curved surface and a familiar nipple shape that babies love.

GumDrop’s uni-body construction means that the pacifier can’t be disassembled and won’t come apart. Its unique design involves a plastic guard that is completely over-molded with medical grade silicone. So GumDrop’s surfaces are as soft as the nipple itself. In addition, GumDrop’s open back lets you easily position and reposition the pacifier in the baby’s mouth.


GumDrops are DEHP and BPA Free, and are not made with natural rubber latex. Available in full-term (orange, pink, blue) and preemie (green).

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