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Turbo-Cleaning Closed Suction Catheters

The HALYARD Turbo-Cleaning Closed Suction System, featuring technology from BALLARD TRACH CARE, is the only catheter that retracts within a unique, isolated and vacuum-sealed turbulent cleaning chamber. The turbulent cleansing action results in an 89% cleaner catheter tip compared to a standard closed suction system. This reduced colonization may help reduce risk of VAP in your ventilated patients.

  • Sealed with patented “PEEP seal” technology 
  • One-way lavage port designed to prevent “spray back”
  • Hinged valve isolates catheter tip and helps prevent inadvertent lavage
  • Turbulent cleaning chamber creates cleansing action, resulting in a cleaner catheter
  • PEEP seal helps reduce PEEP loss and inadvertent lavage
  • Integrated MDI port (optional)
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