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IV Extension Sets


MED-RX IV Extension Sets are fully customizable IV administration tubing for a variety of clinical applications. 


How MED-RX benefits you:

  • Incorporates quality materials with cost effective solutions to meet varied Canadian Healthcare demands
  • Utilizes a vast range of componentry to provide clinicians with solutions and specifications that meet specific facility practice and protocols
  • Provides ability for direct engagement with our clinical sales team to determine the right fit and product specifications to design the appropriate solution
  • Promotes streamlined approach to set up and access for clinicians 


IV Extension Sets provide integral solutions for a range of clinical applications:

  • IV Extension / Saline Locks
  • Closed System Sets in NICU
  • General IV Administration Sets
  • Anesthesia
  • Drainage Tubing / Sets
  • Primary Sets
  • Secondary Sets
  • Spike Sets
  • Stopcocks and Manifolds
  • Integrated Valve Sets
  • Specialty PCA and Epidural 
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