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Clinical ACG-ECMO
  • Clinical ACG-ECMO

Clinical ACG-ECMO



Talis Advanced Clinical Guidance (ACG) ECMO is an application that connects data, devices, and best practices to help ECMO teams deliver optimal patient outcomes. Team members can virtually be at the bedside from anywhere, accessing real-time data on patient and device status on any desktop, tablet or cell phone. Configurable checklists and alarm parameters assure consistent use of best practice, and smart alerts can be set according to hospital preference.



  • Real-time display and integration of patient monitoring wave forms, ventilator waveforms, electronic medical record (EMR) details, and updated lab values.
  • Ability to securely view data from any current ECMO patient on any tablet or cell phone authorized to access data in the cloud.
  • Configurable to integrate hospital designated procedure checklists and alert parameters
  • Daily patient flow sheet summaries automatically updated to electronic medical record.
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