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IV Extension Sets
  • IV Extension Sets

IV Extension Sets



IV Extension Sets from MED-RX offer customizable solutions for fluid administration. MED-RX IV Extension Sets provide integral solutions for a range of clinical applications, including: IV Extension / Saline Locks Closed System Sets in NICU General IV Administration Sets Drainage Tubing / Sets Primary Sets Secondary Sets Spike Sets Stopcocks and Manifolds Integrated Valve Sets Specialty PCA and Epidural Tubing Opaque / Light-sensitive With the MED-RX IV Extension set program, users are provided with fully customizable IV administration tubing for a variety of clinical applications. The program also: Incorporates qualiuty materials with cost-effective solutions to meet varied Canadian Healthcare demands Utilizes a vast range of componentry to provide clinicians with solutions and specifications that meet specific facility practice and protocols Provides ability for direct engagement with our clinical sales team to determine the right fit and product specifications to design the appropriate solution Promotes a streamlined approach to set up and access for clinicians

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