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Laryseal Laryngeal Masks
  • Laryseal Laryngeal Masks

Laryseal Laryngeal Masks



LarySeal laryngeal masks feature medical grade silicone, are autoclavable and can be sterilised up to a recommended 40 times. Finding the size you need is easy with colour-coded pilot balloons and the thickness of the main tube wall reduces the risk of crushing. Available in four different versions: LarySeal Blue The world's first silicone single use laryngeal mask airway provides all the benefits of the reusable LarySeal Multiple while protecting against cross contamination. LarySeal Clear LarySeal Clear is a single use PVC laryngeal mask airway, engineered using extra soft satin textured materials to replicate as closely as possible the performance of silicone, providing Clinicians with a similar feel to LarySeal Blue and LarySeal Multiple. LarySeal Multiple The LarySeal Multiple cuff adapts to the contour of the oropharyngeal area to provide a secure seal. LarySeal Flexi LarySeal Flexi is specially designed for use in ophthalmic, ENT, dental and other head/neck surgeries. The reinforced construction of the main tube allows it to be positioned well away from the surgical field, improving surgical access without compromising the seal.

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