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Nasal Aspiration Device - Clearing Neonatal Nasal Passages  The Muc-Away™ Nasal Aspiration Device is a simple, safe and noninvasive way to clear nasal passages in neonates. Unlike other nasal suction devices, the Muc-Away™ features a transparent tip and tubing to enable easy visualization of aspirated fluids for greater confidence in neonatal care. Designed for a comfortable fit without irritation, the Muc-Away™ Comfort Soft Plus® Tip creates a gentle seal in the nares to protect the fragile nasal mucosa.  What’s more, an ergonomic Thumb Control Port allows you to easily manage suction pressures to keep baby comfortable and safe.

Features and Benefits:
Comfort Soft Plus® Nasal Aspiration head is available in two sizes – Original and “Mini-Muc” which has been modified to be 40% smaller than current comparable models in the market; clinicians now have an option for pediatrics.
Transparent tip, tubing and Thumb Control port provide easy visualization of aspirated fluids; reducing the incidence of tissue damage.
Comfort Soft Plus® nasal probe provides superior fit and comfort in any position.
Ergonomic Thumb Control port ensures suction pressure management when following hospital protocol.

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