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  • PerfectCut


Quest Medical


Through decades of innovation, the PerfectCut Aortotomy Sytem has helped surgeons create precise aortic incisions. The bullet-tip punch is an ideal tool for intricate bypass surgeries, ensuring a consistent, uniform cut while reducing the chance of lateral side notches.



  • Creates the precise anastomosis in two easy steps
  • Lancet creates precise crisscross incisions without lateral side notches
  • Lancet blade features retractable shield
  • Bullet-tip punch inserts easily into incisions; designed for straight insertions, no button-hole technique necessary
  • Less insertion force needed for aortotomies at the proximal anastomotic site and arterial cannulation
  • Rotating cutting action eliminates shearing of delicate tissue
  • Self-aligning cutter mechanism minimizes mechanical jamming
  • Four sizes available for a broad scope of surgical situations
  • Solid, durable construction
  • Available sterile and non-sterile from Quest Medical, Inc. and from procedure kit suppliers
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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