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TLC® Elbow Splint
  • TLC® Elbow Splint

TLC® Elbow Splint

I.V. House®


Ergonomically Designed for Increased Visibility

Though not ideal, the antecubital space is often used in emergency situations. The new innovative TLC® Elbow Splint is ergonomically designed to fit the natural shape and topology of the elbow joint while increasing visibility for nurses to help reduce patient harm. Traditional IV armboards are not optimized for the antecubital space, and worse they allow the patient to bend the elbow. Only the TLC® Elbow Splint secures the area of flexion while giving nurses a clear view of the IV insertion site.


  • Easily assess the underside of the elbow and arm through openings
  • Cupped shape supports arm and elbow, and centers arm on splint
  • Ergonomic design eliminates edges digging into tissue
  • Soft straps are easy to apply and adjust to prevent restriction of circulation
  • Adjustable Velcro® tabs eliminate over-taping of fragile skin
  • Maximizes dwell time, minimizes the need for painful, traumatic restarts
  • Universal design fits either arm. Smaller sizes also available without straps
  • Designed for use with any I.V. House® site protection product
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