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Perclose™ ProStyle™

Available in Western Canada only 




The Perclose™ ProStyle™ Suture-Mediated Closure and Repair (SMCR) System is the next generation design evolution of the proven and trusted Perclose ProGlide™ SMC System. 


Similar to Perclose ProGlide™ SMC System, each Perclose™ ProStyle™ device delivers the same secure, non-masking percutaneous suture to the access site that promotes primary healing6 and has no reaccess restrictions. 


The updated Perclose™ ProStyle™ SMCR System has been designed with features such as higher tensile-strength needles for more reliability in complex, challenging anatomy, additional visual cues for a more intuitive deployment experience5, and the addition of our popular Perclose™ Snared Knot Pusher which has only been available in the U.S. until now. 


Along with Perclose ProGlide™ SMC System, this updated system shares the same broadest arterial and venous indication*, and can be utilized for 5-21F2 (Max. 26F OD4) arterial sheaths and 5-24F3 (Max. 29F OD4) venous sheaths.  

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