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January 5th, 2022

CHS is pleased to announce the acquisition of Keir Surgical’s MediVogue drainage product line (“MediVogue”)!


The acquisition of the MediVogue drainage product line related to pleural effusion or abdominal acites drainage will broaden CHS’ footprint in the specialty medical drainage portfolios for both the acute and non-acute channel. MediVogue’s portfolio is in the homecare market of vacuum drainage bottles, drainage bags, drainage lines, and drainage procedure kits. 


CHS looks forward to working with the current MediVogue customers in the future.

Dec, 20th 2021

Effective December 17th, 2021 Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited (CHS), through its subsidiary CHS USA Inc., is pleased to announce the acquisition the operations of Velmed Inc. (“Velmed”) 


The acquisition of Velmed will broaden CHS' footprint in the Operating Room, Sterile Processing Department, and Medical Device Reprocessing in the acute channel. Velmed’s latex free Stopper® Care System represents a market leading portfolio of tray protectors used to prevent tears in the sterile wrappings on surgical trays. This acquisition builds on CHS’ rapidly expanding presence in the United States while continuing to provide value for Canadian customers.


CHS welcomes the new Velmed team members, and we look forward to working with all of our valued customers in the future.