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Custom Tubing Extrusion

Improved design and quality to give you the best value

CHS polymer extrusions and tubing provide solutions in almost any industry. Our OEM platform is built on ISO standards, high quality output, flexible scheduling, customized products and competitive global costs. CHS currently processes but is not limited to: PVC, HDPE & LDPE. We create a wide range of tubing sizes, wall thicknesses, tolerances and durometers that can be coiled or cut to suit your requirements. These products are a staple for the medical marketplace, and also encompass a wider variety of applications including automotive, food service and industrial custom solutions.

Select from value added extrusion capabilities

  • Coiling/banded

  • Custom colors/tints

  • Eyed and tipped tubing ends

  • High resolution printed tubing

  • Punching/Skiving

  • Solvent Bonding

  • UV-Cure adhesive

  • Cynoacralate adhesive

  • Striped Tubing/Radio Opaque stripe

  • Thermo formed FPVC coils/Coil Lines

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