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Best in class specialty solutions

CHS provide a number of injection molded components for the OEM market including insufflation filters, suction connectors, Y-connectors, 400psi rated dual check valves, Yankauers, blue PVC feeding tube caps (5,6, & 8 fr), and acrylic thumb control valves.

Our component category offers fully integrated support for design, material selection, manufacturing, and production planning to meet your specific requirements. Covering a variety of colours and French sizes from 16-30, our tubing connectors ensure a tight and secure hold for full confidence in the medical setting. CHS ensures that regardless of industry or requirements, we are able to develop a customized solution.

We approach our molded components with the same level of detail that our customers are accustomed to from CHS. From design to delivery, you will work with your CHS representative to ensure that your specific needs are being met every step of the way.

Molded Components

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