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March 7th, 2022 

Effective March 2nd, 2022, Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited (CHS) is pleased to announce the acquisition of OralDent Pharma Inc. (“OralDent.”)


The acquisition of OralDent will broaden CHS' footprint in the Dental Market within the non-acute channel. OralDent’s PerioPlus® professional mouthwashes are uniquely formulated to target a variety of oral conditions and maintain healthy hygiene. This acquisition builds on CHS’ rapidly expanding presence in the non-acute channel while looking to grow into Pharmacy, Homecare, and Long-term Care channels.


CHS welcomes the new OralDent team members, and we look forward to providing high quality products and exceptional service to our customers in the future.

February 14th, 2022 

OAKVILLE - Today, MPP Stephen Crawford announced the Government of Ontario is supporting an investment of over $3.8 million by Oakville-based Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited (“Canadian Hospital Specialties”) with $1.9 million through the Ontario Together Fund. This support will help Canadian Hospital Specialties to modernize and expand the company’s manufacturing facility, build up Ontario’s domestic manufacturing capacity and support
emergency readiness while creating 50 new jobs.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian Hospital Specialties pivoted manufacturing operations in response to the need for PPE and other critically needed medical devices and supplies. A particular focus has been their “Made in Canada” products: securing partnership agreements for swabs and swab kits for COVID-19 testing; signing distribution agreements to support new domestic PPE suppliers, and assembling PCR home test kits to support CBSA
border entry testing.

February 9th, 2022 

Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited Joins AdvaMed, the World’s Leading Medical Technology Trade Association


Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited (CHS) announced today that it has joined the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), the world’s leading trade association representing more than 400 medical device manufacturers around the world.


In welcoming CHS, AdvaMed President and CEO Scott Whitaker said, “We are pleased to welcome CHS to the AdvaMed family. The devices and products CHS manufactures cover a wide range of clinical categories, serving acute hospitals and non-acute health care settings in Canada, the United States, and around the world. I look forward to working with CHS to continue pushing policies that improve access to high-quality health care for patients around the world.”


CHS self-manufactured products (MED-RX) and third-party represented products span across clinical categories, including Respiratory, Anesthesia, Perfusion, Interventional Radiology, Biopsy, Drainage, Diagnostic Imaging, Pharmacy, Vascular Access, Infection Prevention, Neuro and Cardiac Diagnostics, and General Med-Surg. The MED-RX line is produced in Oakville, ON, and is predominantly single use, disposable trays, kits, and tubing used in a variety of procedures such as IV Starts, Feeding, Biopsy, and Thoracic drainage.

January 5th, 2022

CHS is pleased to announce the acquisition of Keir Surgical’s MediVogue drainage product line (“MediVogue”)!


The acquisition of the MediVogue drainage product line related to pleural effusion or abdominal acites drainage will broaden CHS’ footprint in the specialty medical drainage portfolios for both the acute and non-acute channel. MediVogue’s portfolio is in the homecare market of vacuum drainage bottles, drainage bags, drainage lines, and drainage procedure kits. 


CHS looks forward to working with the current MediVogue customers in the future.

Dec, 20th 2021

Effective December 17th, 2021 Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited (CHS), through its subsidiary CHS USA Inc., is pleased to announce the acquisition the operations of Velmed Inc. (“Velmed”) 


The acquisition of Velmed will broaden CHS' footprint in the Operating Room, Sterile Processing Department, and Medical Device Reprocessing in the acute channel. Velmed’s latex free Stopper® Care System represents a market leading portfolio of tray protectors used to prevent tears in the sterile wrappings on surgical trays. This acquisition builds on CHS’ rapidly expanding presence in the United States while continuing to provide value for Canadian customers.


CHS welcomes the new Velmed team members, and we look forward to working with all of our valued customers in the future.

April 20th, 2022  - CHS celebrates 55 years of serving healthcare providers and patients!


2022 marks a major milestone for CHS! Fifty-five years ago, on April 20th 1967, Henry Enns and Dave Gilmore founded Enns &Gilmore. Driven by industry experience and entrepreneurial passion, Henry and Dave sought to carve out their place in the medical device market. That same passion and character still exists at CHS today. What began as a small company of two has now grown to 425 employees. CHS is proud to remain a trusted brand in the medical device industry. Read more...