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330 Series I.V. House UltraDressing
  • 330 Series I.V. House UltraDressing

330 Series I.V. House UltraDressing

I.V. House®


Tape-Free for Gentle Over and Above Protection

Created to provide protection for neonates and infants, the 330 Series I.V. House® UltraDressing covers the IV insertion site to prevent movement of the IV catheter to help prevent injury and patient harm. This innovative design is available in two sizes to fit neonates ranging from low to normal birthweights and can be used on the hand, forearm, AC, foot/ankle, or other peripheral IV. The adjustable strap attaches with a Velcro® closure to reduce the need for tape which can damage fragile skin of the smallest patients.


  • Adjustable, resealable Velcro® tab eliminates over-taping of fragile skin
  • Smooth edges and a soft, pliable fabric wrap for safe, gentle IV protection
  • Easy visibility and monitoring of IV insertion site to prevent injuries such as infiltration and extravasation
  • Eliminates exposed looping, a primary cause of dislodgement
  • Maximizes dwell time, minimizes the need for painful traumatic restarts
  • Available in two sizes; fits either hand, arm, foot, or leg. Designed for use with I.V. House® TLC® Splint
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