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ANTI-STATIC Space Chamber plus*
  • ANTI-STATIC Space Chamber plus*
  • ANTI-STATIC Space Chamber plus*

ANTI-STATIC Space Chamber plus*

Medical Developments International


ANTI-STATIC Space Chamber plus* with Cross Valve Technology  The Anti-static Space Chamber Plus* is designed to deliver medication more effectively to the lungs
compared to pMDI alone, enabling asthma and COPD patients to take control.  Key Features:
• Compatible with most pMDIs
• Cross Valve Technology to provide low resistance
• Anti-static - no priming needed
• Transparent Chamber
• Easy cleaning - by pasteurization (up to 5 times),
dishwasher or boiling
• Safe and effective - latex, BPA, PVC and
phthalates free
Now Mechanically Compatible for Pasteurization - up to 5 times!
Also Available Collapsible MDI Holding Chamber Product features 
Convenient - individually packed and labelled for
one weeks use.  Spacechamber Slim is a collapsible MDI holding chamber ideal for use in;                    Emergency Room/Out Patient - for patients requiring immediate treatment
• Pulmonary Function Testing Lab - clean, disposable - reduces the
risks of cross-contamination
• Short-term Respiratory Infections - cost-eective treatment method
that meets the short-term needs of the acute respiratory patient
• Patient Compliance - single patient use - decreases infection control
concerns and promotes greater patient compliance with added
convenience and portability

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