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Arterial Blood Gas Syringe
  • Arterial Blood Gas Syringe

Arterial Blood Gas Syringe



Westmed offers a broad range of blood gas sampling products that incorporate FDA, OSHA, and NIOSH guidelines, which recommend safety features for needlestick protection.  Plus Westmed offers the best dry Li/Zn* balanced heparin anticoagulation technology.  Westmed offers two needle safety devices – Crickett™ needle protection and SafetyTip™ needle protection. Westmed’s needle protection is designed to minimize the risk of needlestick injuries caused by accidental needlesticks. Westmed’s puncture kits come with the Pulset™ vented syringe.  Vented syringes help eliminate pre-analytical errors, such as air bubbles in the sample.    


Features & Benefits:
• Intuitive, single hand safety activation. Hand always positioned
behind the needle
• Minimal in-service required
• Safety mechanism is an integral part of the needle to comply with
government safety standards for engineering controls
• Protective sheath aligns with the syringe barrel, resulting in
optimum visualization of the insertion site
• Needle bevel and protective sheath are both aligned in the
up position
• Dual Locking design securely covers the needle
• Audible and visual confirmation ensures activation of the
safety mechanism
• No blood spatter when closing protective sheath over needle
• ISO color coded (ISO 6009) for easy identification of needle gauges

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