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BIHOCL PureCleanse
  • BIHOCL PureCleanse

BIHOCL PureCleanse



BIHOCL PureCleanse offers a safe and non-cytotoxic, yet powerful antimicrobial cleansing solution for wounds, skin, and burns. 

With no contraindications for use, hypochlorous acid solutions do not damage healthy cells and tissue as they cleanse and debride the wound bed in preparation for healing. As a pure hypochlorous solution, BIHOCL PureCleanse is indicated for the treatment of stage I-IV pressure ulcers, venous insufficiency ulcers, diabetic ulcers, post-surgical wounds, first and second degree burns and minor abrasions.




  • A POWERFUL ANTIMICROBIAL — BIHOCL hypochlorous technology is based on the body’s innate cellular response to infection and is highly effective against bacteria, antibiotic resistant strains, viruses, fungi, yeasts, and prions.
  • GROUNDBREAKING SAFETY — Non-cytotoxic, non-mutagenic, hypoallergenic, non-pyrogenic, endotoxin free and does not require rinsing. A unique balance between a powerful antimicrobial and the gentleness of saline.
  • SIMPLE, INNOVATIVE APPLICATION — Designed with healthcare providers and patients in mind, our easy-to-use irrigation attachments, optimized for solution delivery, provide effective wound bed debridement.
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