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Calibration Syringe
  • Calibration Syringe

Calibration Syringe

A-M Systems 


Each Calibration Syringe has a label indicating the model, serial number, date and calibrated volume. The calibrated mechanical stop in each Calibration Syringe provides an accurate and repeatable volume standard appropriate for spirometer calibration. The mechanical stop has its corresponding volume calibrated with a volumetric apparatus certified to meet the accuracy requirements of the National Bureau of Standards Circular 602. In addition, each syringe is 100% leak tested and traceable to NIST standards.



  • 3.0 liter capacity
  • 0.5% accuracy
  • Fits all PFT equipment
  • Rubber feet prevent rolling
  • One-year warranty
  • Repair service available
  • Annual recalibration required

• Custom colors and logos available

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