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Westmed provides a comprehensive range of adult and pediatric capnography solutions, including gas sampling cannulas with bifurcated nasal prongs, which simultaneously deliver supplemental  and capture  samples.

In addition, a specially designed Oral/Nasal cannula facilitates those patients who breathe through the mouth.
Advanced Capnography Sampling
Optimize capnography monitoring during sedation with the next generation of gas sampling solutions from Westmed. Featuring an advanced design, Westmed capnography sampling devices minimize dead space that can cause waveform artifact. The result is a clean, accurate and immediate representation of the capnogram, and the utmost confidence in determining patient respiratory status. Reflective-style Connector required for flow activation is specifically designed for use with integrated or modular capnography monitors.  Features and Benefits:
Advanced design minimizes dead space in the sampling line, resulting in a waveform that produces a clear and accurate capnogram.
Manufactured with Comfort Soft Plus® tubing, which is becoming a standard of care worldwide. This device drastically reduces Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPU), while promoting patient wellness. (Clinical studies available) 1,2
The unique filtrations system prevents moisture from entering the line and infiltrating the monitor.
Nafion® tubing further minimizes moisture by acting as a highly selective, semi-permeable membrane to water vapor.
Multiple models, designs and custom configurations available:
Bifurcated & prongs
Oral/nasal Design for mouth-breathers
10’ &14’ sampling line lengths
Not made with natural rubber Latex or DEHP

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