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Cortrak 2 NG/NI Feeding Tubes
  • Cortrak 2 NG/NI Feeding Tubes

Cortrak 2 NG/NI Feeding Tubes



CORTRAK 2 Nasogastric/Nasointestinal Feeding Tube with Electromagnetic Transmitting Stylet with ENFit Connector is intended to use with the Halyard CORTRAK* 2 Enteral Access System (EAS). This combination of tools empowers clinicians to place NG/NI tubes at the bedside without the need for X-ray confirmation.Avanos Medical, a leader in the enteral feeding market, offers a wide variety of innovative, high-quality enteral feeding tubes and accessories uniquely designed for delivering enteral nutrition. Used with the CORTRAK* 2 EAS, our polyurethane CORTRAK 2 NG/NI tubes enable real-time tube tip tracking. This aids with safe tube placement, reduction in the need for X-ray confirmation, and improved patient care. Multiple Options From Which to Choose Feeding tubes are available in 8FR, 10FR, and 12FR, as well as with lengths ranging from 91cm to 109cm. Clinicians can choose between having Anti-IV connector features, as well as connector types that are either flow through or non-flow through.

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