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Epidural Trays
  • Epidural Trays

Epidural Trays



Med-Rx epidural trays feature a variety of epidural needles, LOR syringes and catheter options as well as other additional componentry. Continuous and single-shot tray configurations are also available. Universal features of custom MED-RX Epidural trays: Allow for consistent technique, while promoting compliance with hospital protocols and practice guidelines Increases procedural efficiency by eliminating the need to search for additional components, ultimately increasing patient care time Eliminates waste and extra unused individual components Increases efficiency by packaging components in order of use Med-Rx Epidural Trays may include: Selection of Tuohy Needles LOR Syringe options including glass and plastic Epidural catheter options including spring wound and nylon Securement devices Drape options Needle safety devices Prep Solutions Lidocaine Sodium Chloride

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