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Experc Percutaneous system
  • Experc Percutaneous system

Experc Percutaneous system



Percutaneous dilatation tracheotomy (PDT) has become routine practice in intensive care. The Ciaglia technique is now the method most widely used. The TRACOE experc system is based on this proven technique. 


The Tracoe Experc sets are tailored to the use of fenestrated and non-fenestrated tracheostomy tubes, including tubes with subglottic suction lines, from the TRACOE twist, twist plus and TRACOE vario product lines. They are supplied already mounted on their minimally traumatic insertion systems (P-tubes). Inserting the tube into the patient via an introducer is a particular challenge of the percutaneous dilatation.  Thanks to the patented minimally traumatic inserter and atraumatic insertion system, TRACOE experc sets offer the solution: the soft silicone sleeve at the tip of the instrument smoothly bridges the gap in diameter between the inserter and the tube, thus allowing the tube to be introduced safely and easily.  The TRACOE twist, including twist plus, and TRACOE vario product lines include 14 different P-tubes (all DEHP-free) with a minimally traumatic insertion system. Six of these tubes have subglottic suction lines. Sets are available in sizes 07 – 09. The TRACOE twist plus also comes in size 10. The TRACOE experc sets can therefore be used with the tracheostomy tube that is most appropriate for the patient

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