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EZPZ-II Polyp Trap™
  • EZPZ-II Polyp Trap™

EZPZ-II Polyp Trap™

PriMed Instruments Inc. EZPZ-II Polyp Trap™ are engineered and manufactured to retrieve polyp tissue through the endoscope channel for histopathological diagnosis.


The devices are supplied non-sterile and are intended for single use only.



  • Optically clear material.
    • Easy to see through to confirm present of polyp tissue in baskets.


  • Two removable, selectable and numbered baskets.
    • Economical evacuation solution for the most common number of polyps removed during colonoscopy.
    • Simple turning of the lid or the barrel selects the basket to be used.
    • Large numbers printed on baskets allow accurate identification of tissue.
    • Basket tabs provide for easy removal from the barrel.


  • Centrally located vacuum lumen.
    • Fast connection of the device.
    • Baskets do not get knocked out during removal of the lid.


  • Fine diamond patterned strainer basket bottom.
    • Even the smallest tissue samples are collected.


  • Optimal size barrel.
    • Excellent flow of fluid without blockages.
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