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Filters and HMEs
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  • Filters and HMEs

Filters and HMEs

Pharma Systems


Pharma Systems is a Swedish company that has provided quality medical filters for breathing systems since 1990. We manufacture a range of products which set the evaluation criteria for all other breathing systems products, as well as standard products with the highest possible performance.
Pharma Systems designs, manufactures and delivers a high-quality range of products at the right price and with all the best features. The head office is situated in Sweden, near Stockholm, with a subsidiary in Estonia.  Pharma Systems heat and moisture exchangers
offer the user high effciency solution for breathing systems in a clear housing for easy inspection.  Conical fittings in accordance with
ISO standard ensure safe connection security.
• Designed to provide heated,humidified gases to the patient
• Lowers the risk of hypothermia and damage to the respiratory tract.
• Eliminates the need for water traps and their maintenance.
• Dry gas prevent sampling tube and analyzers from moisture and lowers the risk for colonization.
• Eliminates the need for active heat and humidifi cation sources.
• Provide high humidification efficiency with all ventilation parametersOffer immediate start of function and
stability over time.
• All Pharma Systems HMEs are tested according to ISO 9360.
• Initial set-up is simple, quick and secure.
• Different options ensure the right choice of device.
• Should be changed every 24 hours or more frequently if resistance increases

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