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Hi-Torque Steelcore
  • Hi-Torque Steelcore

Hi-Torque Steelcore



Support Features / Options

  • The stainless steel core provides proximal through distal support
  • Available in two transition lengths; Hi-Torque Steelcore™ LT has a longer core taper than Hi-Torque Steelcore™, allowing for greater steering as well as greater flexibility in the distal part of the guide wire
  • The core-to-tip design provides 1:1 torque for precise steering and tip control when crossing the lesion in tortuous anatomy1


Additional Features / Options

  • The core-to-tip design allows for navigation around vessel bends1
  • The shapeable tip is available with a 5 cm (Hi-Torque Steelcore™) or a 3 cm (Hi-Torque Steelcore™ LT) platinum/nickel coil
  • It comes in guide wire lengths of 190 cm and 300 cm
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