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Hi-Torque Versacore
  • Hi-Torque Versacore

Hi-Torque Versacore



Hi-Torque Versacore family of peripheral workhorse guide wires are designed to meet an array of clinical needs, from start to finish.



  • Workhorse wire allows for delivery of PTA catheters and stents
  • Core-to-tip design enables 1:1 torque1
  • Combination of support and flexibility meets most peripheral intervention needs
  • Polyethylene jacket with silicon coating
  • Soft and shapeable tip has gold design for enhanced visibility
  • Guide wire comes in lengths of 145 cm, 175 cm, 260 cm and 300 cm

Three Different Tip Types

  • Hi-Torque Versacore™ Modified J configuration is a highly versatile guide wire, which combines support and flexibility for successful access to a wide range of vascular anatomy.
  • Hi-Torque Versacore™ Floppy configuration is a highly flexible guide wire for atraumatic negotiation of high-grade stenoses and multiple lesions.
  • Hi-Torque Versacore™ Standard configuration is a highly supportive guide wire that offers increased catheter support and trackability for traversing acute angles.
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