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MR Ergometer Pedal
  • MR Ergometer Pedal

MR Ergometer Pedal



The MR ergometer is an ergometer for use during MR studies. The MR ergometers workload is controlled with an electronic braking principle especially designed for use in a MR environment.

The Lode MRI ergometers are designed to produce physical stress within an MRI device. The MRI ergometer can be used for cardiac examinations, cardiac research, spectroscopy and other examinations and research. For cardiac MRI examinations, the MRI ergometer can be produced with a pedal (circular) or push/pull exercise movement. For spectroscopy MR examinations there is an ergometer available with up/down movement for the upper leg and an ankle MRI ergometer for the calf muscles.

The MRI ergometers are compatible for the most types of MRI scanners of Siemens, Philips and GE. The choice of materials and the special design makes that the Lode MRI ergometer can be used for 1,5 and a 3 Tesla MRI without giving artifacts on the imaging.

Our MRI ergometer with its low start-up load enables exercise. When a test subject is able to do exercise, this is always recommended above pharmacologic stress. It allows objective measurement of improvement in either level of cardiac conditioning and/or level of cardiac work. It is safe and what is very important is perfectly reproducible.


  • Unique ergometer for MRI
  • High standards
  • Compatible with various MRIs at 1.5 and 3 Tesla
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