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  • Multi-Snare






The Multi-Snare Device is a patented, highly efficient multiple loop retrieval snare with a dual-plane design to grasp objects from numerous angles. 


Designed with various reliable pull-force strengths, the kink resistant nitinol dual loop system grants the ability to grasp, manipulate or assist from any angle or vessel sidewall. 

The Multi-Snare MAX Device has been designed with the same dual-plane system with 3x more tensile strength, providing the ideal interventional solution in clinically challenging cases.


Product Benefits 

  • Low-Profile Introducer 

  • Increases grasping efficiency with both distal & lateral loops 

  • Adjustable loop diameter for precise sizing 

  • Radiopaque loop for easy visualization 

  • Flexible nitinol core wire provides high tensile strength 

  • Low friction with 1:1 torque 

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