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Surgical airway is the ultimate ratio for the unsuccessful arm of the emergency pathway. Identification of the ""cannot intubate – cannot oxygenate"" scenario should result in immediate consideration of surgical airway access. Delays in achieving airway control and oxygenation will lead to hypoxic brain injury.

The incidence level of cricothyrotomy is estimated at approximately 1% of all emergency airway cases.
In order to master a cricothyrotomy in an emergency successfully, training on simulators (see page 33) seems to be indispensable.

VBM provides specific devices for every scenario of the surgical airway, like:
Surgical airway with Surgicric I and II
Narrow bore cannula with Jet-Ventilation Catheters and Manujet III
Wide bore cannula with Quicktrach I,II and Surgicric III

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