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Septal H
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Septal H



Septal-H™ – Gentle Cannula Stabilization   The Septal-H™ is a nasal cannula stabilization device used to prevent nasal septum breakdown and cannula dislodgement in neonates. Septal-H uses the unique characteristics of a hydrocolloid matrix, rather than traditional adhesives, for skin-friendly adhesion and device stabilization. The hydrocolloid base attaches securely, prevents epidermal stripping, is latex-free, and leaves no skin residue after use.  It readily supports typical nasal cannulas and many other nasal interface devices for neonates.  


Features and Benefits:
Hydrocolloid base is gentle on the skin         
Prevents epidermal stripping
No skin residue after removing
Allows easily repositioning of cannulas or tubes. Also utilize as a feeding tube securing device
Serves as a skin barrier when used without the optional Velcro® strip
Available in 4 sizes

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