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Surgical Cricothyrotomy
  • Surgical Cricothyrotomy

Surgical Cricothyrotomy



Cricothyrotomy Set Surgicric
MR safe
Ready for use
The pre-assembled tube is immediately ready for use, valuable seconds by additional assembly are thus saved. At the same time taking away the danger of making mistakes during assembly. Atraumatic Soft tip, thus avoiding injury to the posterior tracheal wall. Smooth transition from dilator to the tracheal tube. Position check Checking the position of the tracheal tube thanks to aspiration through dilator. Cricothyrotomy is a life-saving technique and is only used as a
last resort for patients in “cannot intubate – cannot ventilate“ situations, according to all airway algorithms in the prehospital, emergency department, ICU and the operating room. The Surgicric is a cricothyrotomy set to maintain ventilation in case of obstruction of the upper airway.
With the Surgicric I VBM offers a cricothyrotomy set to perform the Rapid Four-Step Technique, Surgicric II is applied to the classical surgical technique and Surgicric III allows a cricothyrotomy
according to the Seldinger technique.
The unique instrument packing system provides the following
advantages to the user:
- Clear overview of all components
- Sterile application in any environment
- Small pack size, making it ideal for emergency bags
The main feature of Surgicric is the special combination of tube
and dilator.
The locking mechanism and the soft tip maximize patient safety
and reduce the risk of injury.

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