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Vapotherm Precision Flow
  • Vapotherm Precision Flow

Vapotherm Precision Flow



No Mask. No Problem. Mask-Free NIV™ for Spontaneously Breathing Patients.


  • Neonate to geriatric patient support
  • Allows patients to comfortably eat, speak and sleep
  • Lowers respiration rate, improves secretion clearance and reduces work of breathing
  • Helps avoid intubation and may reduce ICU admissions to reduce the cost of care
  • Fully integrated system is easy to set-up and operate Safety alarms to warn of therapy disruptions
  • Equipped with Nurse Call and EMR connectivity to improve hospital efficiency
  • Highly visual display of parameters and utilizes built-in-alarms
  • Vapotherm® cartridge infuses the respiratory gas with energetically stable molecular vapor to reduce condensation
  • Disposable patient circuit is comprised of the waterpath, vapor transfer cartridge, and delivery tubes
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