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GlideScope Spectrum Video Laryngoscope


Designed for 1st Pass Success 


GlideScope Spectrum Single-Use video laryngoscopes combine fully disposable low profile blades with the latest advancements in lighting and camera technology.


With the Spectrum system, six blade sizes enable quick intubations across a wide range of patient types, weight ranges, and clinical settings. The LoPro blades offer the signature GlideScope blade angulation  and cover a patient range from neonate to large adult. The DirectView MAC (DVM) blades extend system flexibility, incorporating the look and feel of traditional MAC blades with the confidence of a GlideScope.


Spectrum also incorporates Dynamic Light Control to automatically adjust visible brightness of the vocal cords and maximize image quality. Ambient Light Reduction removes nonessential light in the image to help you focus on the visualization of the anatomy that matters.


Connect the Spectrum LoPro and DVM single-use blades to the GlideScope Core 10-inch Monitor, GlideScope Video Monitor, and the portable GlideScope Go. 

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