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Labour and Delivery Trays


MED-RX Labour and Delivery Trays provide healthcare institutions with a customized disposable tray platform designed to include the appropriate procedural components required by the physician. 

Universal features of custom MED-RX Labour and Delivery trays:

  • Allow for consistent technique, while promoting compliance with hospital protocol and practice guidelines during the birthing process
  • Increases workflow efficiency by eliminating the need to search for individual components, ultimately increasing time spent with the patient
  • Eliminates waste and unused components
  • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination in a fast paced environment
  • Fewer touch points reduce the risk of contamination and help to facilitate infection prevention measures


MED-RX Labour and Delivery Trays may include;

  • Choice of tray configurations – One-compartment trays, Three-compartment trays,
  • Peel-back or wrapped trays
  • Selection of forceps – Foerster, Sponge, Rochester Pean, Thumb Dressing, Thumb Tissue, Straight Kocher, Allis
  • Needle holders – Mayo Hegar, Crile Wood, Halsey
  • Selection of scissors – Mayo, Straight, Curved
  • Round Containers, Bowls, Medicine cup options


Tray components will vary depending on practice and the specific needs of a facility. Speak with our CHS representatives on a tray solution that suits your healthcare facility.



About MED-RX Procedure Trays:

The MED-RX Procedure Tray program is an integral part of the MED-RX portfolio. Our procedure trays are specifically designed and customized to our customer’s specifications depending on their practice and protocol requirements.  The trays are meant to improve workflow efficiency and meet the clinical needs of its users.

  • Hospital staff perform hundreds of standard hospital procedures daily.  By using MED-RX procedure trays to quickly, safely and consistently perform their tasks, they are able to maximize their time treating patients and minimize the necessity of gathering multiple individual supplies
  • MED-RX procedure trays are made for the Canadian marketplace and may include a selection of wet components such as prep solutions and lidocaine
  • MED-RX procedure trays help clinicians quickly and effectively meet their practice and protocol needs during procedure addressing lacerations, biopsies, suture removal, lumbar puncture, labour and delivery and many others
  • MED-RX custom procedure trays are made to your departments specifications, ultimately increasing procedural efficiency, reducing costs and eliminating wasted unused components
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