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Inoue Balloon Catheter

Toray Medical

The Inoue-Balloon Catheter is manufactured of polyvinyl chloride with a balloon attached to the distal end. The balloon is two latex layers between which is polyester micromesh. The catheter is supplied in a 12F diameter with a length of 70 cm; the length of each balloon is 2.5 cm (un-stretched).

Two proximally positioned stopcocks accomplish balloon inflation and catheter venting. A stainless steel tube is used to stretch and slenderize the balloon prior to insertion and a 14F tapered dilator enlarges the interatrial opening. The stainless steel stylet and guidewire are employed to guide the catheter inside the heart and blood vessels. A syringe is used to manually inflate the balloon and balloon diameter is measured with a caliper (ruler).

The balloon design exhibits five uniquely different inflation stages [See Figure]. Radiopaque dilute contrast medium is injected to achieve inflation. Changing the volume of dilute contrast medium injected changes inflation stage. 

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