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C-QUR CentriFX


C-QUR CentriFX is indicated for use in hernia repair, chest wall reconstruction, traumatic or surgical wounds, and other fascial surgical intervention procedures requiring reinforcement with a non-absorbable supportive material.

C-QUR™ CentriFX is an Omega-3 coated filament polypropylene mesh designed for laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair.

  • Unique multi-dimensional design.
  • Invertible design standardizes use in both right and left sided hernias.
  • All three sizes can be modified if customization is required.
3 sizes available


Part No. Cm Inches Shape Box Qty.
31395 9x14.5 3.5x5.7 Anatomical 1 each
31396 10.5x16 4.1x6.3 Anatomical 1 each
31397 12x17 4.7x6.7 Anatomical 1 each


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