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Corsair Pro


The new Corsair Pro from Asahi is intended to provide support to facilitate the placement of guide wires in the coronary and peripheral vasculature and can be used to exchange one guide wire for another. The Asahi Corsair Pro is also intended to assist in the delivery of contrast medial into the coronary, peripheral and abdonminal vasculature. 


Features include:

  • New design for improved trackability.
  • Balanced support design for a more gradual increase in support with 50% reduction in distal shaft stiffness.
  • Tapered soft tip - low profile tip for excellent tracking ability into challenging lesions
  • Spiral protector - new hub design improves catheter durability
  • SHINKA-Shaft - enables catheter rotation to cross challenging anatomy and provides exceptional guide wire support.
  • Available in two sizes - 135cm and 150cm. 
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