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Genesis Sterilization Container System

V Mueller

The V. Mueller® brand Genesis container system was designed with hard coat anodized aluminum to protect and maintain the sterility of your surgical instrumentation. Available in a wide range of sizes, the Genesis container system offers a variety of baskets and accessories to help you organize and speed instrument set-up. The Genesis container system consistently provides a return on your investment and a green alternative to sterilization wrap.

Features include:

  • Variety of lid colours for easy identification between departments
  • Double-sided data blocks for visability from either side of the container
  • Tamper-evident arrows for confirmation that container has correctly undergone sterilization
  • Body-centered carrying handles for added support to relieve stress on shoulders, back, arms and wrists
  • Stackability for convenient storage while saving spaceUnique dimensions to fit more instruments without requiring reorientation in the basket of existing wrapped trays
  • Compression gasket seal to maintain sterility


Learn more about V Mueller Instruments and Sterilization Containers at www.bd.com.

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