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Enteral Safe Syringes


The heart of any safe feeding system starts with the syringe. The MED-RX Enteral Safe Feeding
System utilizes a universally accepted and familiar BD syringe platform compatible in syringe
pumps used for feeding in the NICU.


MED-RX Enteral Safe Syringes come individually packaged in sterile or clean formats. Custom packages
are available such as our bulk 3 and 4 packs utilized in today’s milk prep rooms for convenience
and improved technique.

  • Syringes are available in 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml and 60 ml options
  • Custom packaging options are available upon request

Additional features include:

  • Enteral safe connector designed to be non-luer compatible
  • One-mold design with clear barrel to provide a clear view of feed in any situation
  • Bold, black print designed to contrast against feed in low-light NICU environment
  • Clearly marked for oral/enteral use
  • Trusted BD design with double ringed plunger to minimize leaking of breast milk or formula
  • Graduated markngs to help nurses with accurate dosing where applicable
  • Syringe caps come affixed to syringe to limit chance of losing the cap in both clean and sterile
  • formats and are designed to help facilitate milk storage where needed


About the MED-RX Enteral Safe Feeding System

The MED-RX Enteral Safe Feeding System was one of the first complete safe systems to assist
with infant feeding protocols in North America. Our program has a complete offering from syringe
down to feeding tube and a number of feeding accessories to help assist with your practice.
Designed using universally compatible syringes, custom MED-RX extension set products and
proven PVC and polyurethane feeding tubes have made the MED-RX system the most trusted and
utilized in the Canadian market for over 10 years.

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