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Enteral Safe Feeding System Accessories


The MED-RX Enteral Feeding system now offers a wide range of accessories to accompany our catalogue of Enteral products you know and trust.

Accessories include:

  • Enteral Only Fluid Transfer Straw – Use are MED-RX transfer straw for prepping your feeds
  • Adapters – Maximize compatibility with the growing market using our ENTERAL to ENFIT adapters
  • The MED-RX Gravity vent – vent your 20ml, 30ml or 60ml syringes during gravity feeds using our new MED-RX Gravity Vent
  • The NEW MED-RX Self-righting cap – now available upon request, the new MED-RX self-righting cap for your enteral safe syringes!
  • The NEW MED-RX Syringe Holder – Used during your gravity feeds and will mount your 5m, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml and 60ml MED-RX syringes.


About the MED-RX Enteral Safe Feeding System

The MED-RX Enteral Safe Feeding System was one of the first complete safe systems to assist with infant feeding protocols in North America. Our program has a complete offering from syringe down to feeding tube and a number of feeding accessories to help assist with your practice. Designed using universally compatible syringes, custom MED-RX extension set products and proven PVC and polyurethane feeding tubes have made the MED-RX system the most trusted and utilized in the Canadian market for over 10 years. 

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