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neoBLUE compact LED Phototherapy System


The neoBLUE compact LED Phototherapy System provides intensive blue light in a versatile and efficient design for treating newborn jaundice. The neoBLUE compact provides incredible performance and value with many user-selectable features and is designed for convenience and ease-of-use. 


Features include:

  • Smart arm design - arm rotating joints and gooseneck provides multiple adjustments with drift-free positioning
  • Ease of use - nurses can easily attach and remove the light and arm at the bedside without tools
  • Multiple configurations - light can be used independently on top of an incubator, combined with the arm for pole mount attachement or light and arm can be attached to the roll stand
  • Reduced risk of skin damage or fluid loss - neoBLUE LEDs do not emit significant UV or IR light
  • Colour balance for clinicians and family - 12 blue LEDs are mixxed with a small amount of light from white LEDs to soften the appearance of blue treatment light
  • Brilliant white exam light - nine white LEDs provide bright illumination and neutral white light provides (true) colour for ideal general examination
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