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CritiCool System for Hypothermia Management

Mennen Medical

The Mennen CritiCool System for Hypothermia Management is the most effective non-invasive approach for induced hypothermia management. CritiCool's algorithm for core temperature control offers precise cooling to programmed Set-Point Temperature, while continuous temperature feedback from the patient enables automatic temperature regulation and monitoring. Controlled Rewarming mode assists in preventing complications during this sensitive phase.


The CritiCool system is:

  • Simple - Graphic User Interface Small system, easy for transport, one tube only for a clutter-free treatment zone so staff labor is reduced signifcantly in Hypothermia Treatment Patients, quiet action
  • Precise - Automatic patient temperature control, Set-Point Temperature reached swiftly, Hypothermia Temperature is stable
  • Fast - Early initiation of cooling during transport or within minutes of arrival to hospital
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