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IV Start Kits


MED-RX IV Start Kits provide a convenient and efficient solution to streamline a basic everyday procedure. They help to facilitate quick and efficient procedures, effectively reducing the time required for set up and gathering of components.


Universal features of custom MED-RX IV Start Kits:

  • Allow for consistent technique, while promoting compliance with hospital protocol and practice guidelines for IV Starts
  • Increases workflow efficiency by eliminating the need to search for individual components, ultimately increasing patient care time
  • Eliminates waste and unused components
  • Reduces the risk of using compromised components by having them in one convenient kit


Med-Rx IV Start Kits may include:

  • Skin prep solutions
  • Selection of tourniquets to suit nursing preferences
  • Selection of dressing products including market leading products from 3M
  • Selection of tape in varying lengths and widths – single use roles designed for one procedure
  • IV catheters available
  • Flush Syringes in a variety of sizes
  • Saline lock options to help compliment hospital practice

Tray components will vary depending on practice and the specific needs of a facility. Speak with our CHS representatives on a tray solution that suits your healthcare facility.

The Med-Rx Nursing Tray program is an integral part of the Med-Rx portfolio. Our nursing trays are specifically designed and customized to our customer’s specifications depending on their practice and protocol requirements. The trays are meant to improve workflow efficiency and meet the clinical needs of its users.

  • Nurses perform hundreds of standard hospital procedures daily.  By using MED-RX nursing trays to quickly, safely and consistently perform their tasks, they are able to maximize their time treating patients and minimize the necessity of gathering multiple individual supplies
  • Med-Rx nursing trays are made for the Canadian marketplace and may include a selection of wet components such as prep solutions or saline
  • Med-Rx nursing trays help clinicians quickly and effectively meet their practice and protocol needs during procedures such as dressing changes, foley catheterizations, urological irrigation, dialysis, IV starts, oral care, would management and among many others
  • MED-RX custom nursing trays are made to your nursing departments specifications, ultimately increasing procedural efficiency, reducing costs and eliminating wasted unused components
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