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Allon 2001 System for Normothermia Management

Mennen Medical

The Allon 2001 is a non invasive system that controls patients’ temperature throughout all stages of surgery. The system consists of an algorithm driven heat pump that supplies warm or cold water to the ThermoWrap™ garment. Core and surface temperature sensors provide continuous feedback temperature from the patient that enables automatic temperature regulation and monitoring.

The optimal solution for normothermia maintenance during the entire surgical procedure:

  • Preoperatively - For early initiation of warming during preoperative preparations.
  • Intra-Operatively - Eliminates rapid decrease in core temperature.
  • Post Operatively - To maintain patients temperature at recovery room.


ThermoWraps are an integral part of the Allon system. The three-layer design guarantees maximum coverage of patient's surface without interfering with the surgical area. Water channels in the wrap grant a constant flow of water to facilitate energy transfer to the patient. 

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